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The Right Reflection for Your Business


Dressing Room Mirror

When a customer goes into the dressing room to try on clothes, how they view themselves can make or break the sale. If the lighting is dim then it may not show the great details of the clothes or too bright and your customer will be washed out. A warped mirror can also cause your customer shock when they appear deformed when they look at their reflection. For these reasons, it is imperative that you have high quality mirrors and lighting in your dressing room.

Lighted Mirrors

One way to ensure both is by shopping for lighted mirrors. At Mirrors and Marble, we provide great quality mirrors for your business. Shop your mirrors online or contact us at (704)796-9077.


Checking Yourself Out- Where to Place Mirrors in Your Home


Strategically Placed Mirrors

We all have had those embarrassing moments when we arrive to work or a function to find we have lipstick on our teeth or there is a stain on our shirt. To prevent this from happening to you, installing mirrors in your home is the way to go.

More specifically, a lighted mirror in the bathroom can ensure your makeup is flawless. Or placing one in your bedroom can help you determine whether you need to change your outfit. By placing one by your front door, you can do a quick check before you leave your home.

Round Lighted Vanity Mirrors

A round lighted mirror works perfectly for any home, no matter the style. At Mirrors and Marble, we sell lighted vanity mirrors so you can tell when your look great or need a change of outfit. Order yours online today or for additional information, contact us at (704)796-9077.

Three Essentials You Need to Do Your Makeup


Putting Your Best Face Forward

Like any other activity, being able to adequately apply your makeup requires the right tools. Here are the three things you will need to pull off a great look.

  • Brushes- While you could get away with applying foundation and concealer with your fingers, setting powder and blushes require a brush.
  • Mirror- Trying to apply makeup without a mirror is nearly impossible. More so when you do not have a light, which is why a lighted light is the best combination you can have.
  • Makeup- It goes without saying that in order to put on makeup, you should have it on hand. Gather up all your supplies because you are now good to go.

LED Vanity Mirrors

At Mirrors and Marble, we provide commercial grade LED backlight mirrors. They enable you to expertly apply makeup so you can leave the house knowing you look your very best. Order your mirror online or for additional information, contact us at (704)796-9077.